The Service Level Agreement published below here is applicable to all dedicated server customers.
A Client’s application/eligibility for performance credits or refunds will be determinable based on FMEOS and its Dedicated Server Partner in-house monitoring system statistics. The customer would have to abide by it and accept the integrity of all such statistics.

All services and support provided to any dedicated server under the customer’s possession, hold or lease; would be conditional to the access levels and connectivity which the technical support team holds over them. For servers where the technical support team is unable to establish connectivity or in the event of administrator access being hampered as a consequence of the installation of software including (but not limited to) software firewalls, access limiting processes and algorithms or any such software/hardware;
FMEOS cannot be held responsible to render managed services or technical support or any other form of help for such servers.

In the eventuality or circumstances where standard and mandatory service, support, and monitoring have not been performed owing to disruptions outside the fair control of FMEOS, it is not bound to offer any credit/refund/compensation to customers. Events and situations which are classified as outside of FMEOS include (but is not limited to):-

• Any natural calamity including (but not limited to) floods, thunderstorms, typhoons, gales, earthquakes, fire etc.
• Civil War
• Situations and sanctions arising out of a cold war (if it exists) between the customer’s residing nation, the USA and Pakistan
• Trade Embargos, Sanctions, and stoppages imposed on the nation of residency of the customer.
• Flash strikes announced by labour.
• Interruptions or disruptions in transportation of necessary peripherals, delays/disruption or complete unavailability of communications
• Bugs / Failures / Breakdown of third-party software including (but not limited to) control panel software, SSL certificates, domain transfers etc.
• Scheduled Network, Hardware or Software Maintenance
• Malicious Attacks – if a third party not associated with FMEOS initiates a “Denial of Service” or other forms of disabling attack against your Dedicated Server or major portions of our network, FMEOS will do everything in its power to stop the attack, but cannot guarantee a resolution time.
• Legal Actions – In the case that legal action is taken against a customer of FMEOS and FMEOS is required to act in accordance with the order, FMEOS shall not be responsible for any SLA damages.
• cPanel Issues – if you choose to run cPanel and Web Host Manager on your Dedicated Server, the default install will be configured for automatic updates of cPanel-related software. On occasion, one of these automatic updates could adversely affect all or part of the cPanel related software on your server.

However, FMEOS would take every reasonable and feasible effort to extenuate the loss or damage which develops as a result of such occurrences. At no time would FMEOS or its affiliates be responsible for any cost, liability, claim or damages (financial and otherwise) resulting out of the above mentioned circumstances.

Service Availability SLA

FMEOS endeavours to have network connectivity available by http access by third parties 99% of the time (Service Availability).

Should we breach this SLA, you will be entitled to claim for credit. We will apply the below credit to your account for any successful claims. Our SLA is simple:

99% SLA Uptime

This means that: if performance does not meet this commitment then will offer credit as follows:
95% to 99% = 10%
89% to 94.99% = 25%
81% to 88.9% = 80%
80% or below = 100%

( monthly credit of the server affected )

In order for you to receive a credit, you must request the credit within two business days after you experienced website Unavailability. Website Unavailability means: your website (server) is not responding to http requests, or is unavailable via the HTTP protocol. You request credit by sending a request to our billing department through the client area. The message must contain your domain name, the dates and times of the unavailability of your website, and any other customer identification requested by FMEOS. Credits will typically be applied to your account within sixty days of your credit request. This credit is your sole and exclusive remedy for our failure to meet the Service Availability SLA. The statistics generated by our internal monitoring services are the final determination of the uptime of our service and not any one client’s experience.

Dedicated Server Restore

FMEOS does not restore your data to the server and is not responsible for loss of your data. We strongly recommend that you purchase backup options for your server, and keep copies of your data off-site with you for emergency purposes. If hardware failure and data loss occur, you the client, are responsible for data restoration. FMEOS shall not be liable for loss of data under any circumstance.

Hardware Replacement

Hardware replacement will occur within 1-24 hours after diagnostics.

Advanced Support (Remote hands)

In addition to basic support services, our support teams provide around-the-clock technical expertise and management experience to deliver reliable high-performance hosting solutions. Advanced support includes many tasks not included with our standard free support, including (but not limited to):

Server maintenance and troubleshooting
Software configuration
Performance tuning
Abnormal Support Incidents (Due to client fault / unreasonable issues)

Advanced Support will be charged at $140/hr

The client agrees to this SLA along Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policies and AUP when using FMEOS services.